Code of Conduct

The students code of conduct aims to foster a healthy school culture in which high levels of achievement takes place within a positive social environment. It promotes high standards of behavior based on cooperation, mutual responsibility and respect, self discipline and cultivates, positive, antidiscriminatory relationships among students.

School Expectations

  • Air Force School Gandhinagar has a "Hands off" policy: This means that any act of violence and rough play will not be tolerated.

  • Demonstrate courtesy and respect : This means that you should follow directions from staff the first time, without argument, good manners and polite speech.

  • Contribute in cleanliness and hygiene : Do not litter the school, Do not scribble on walls, doors, furniture etc. maintain your books, notebooks neatly. Keep yourself clean nails and hairs must be clean and tidy. Maintain pride in uniform.

  • Demonstrate punctuality and regularity :Reporting for the morning assembly of olss hours is must. No students must be late for morning assembly or class prompted in submitting. c.w/h.w, assignment and projects is necessary.

  • Learn and Play Responsibility :you should not interfere with the work and play of others. Teasing, bullying, physical, violence, rough play etc will not be tolerated.

  • Stay safe and secure in our buildings and play ground : All movement in and around the school building(including corridors) must be at walking pace. Students must play in appropriately designated Play areas play equipments should be used sensibly. Students are not allowed to be inside classroom unsupervised.

  • Respect the property of others and the school environment :You should not interfere with the property of others without permission.

  • School uniform : Correct, neat and tidy school uniform is must.


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